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Do I need a nursing home? Assisted Living Facilities are frequently the best care answer.

Arizona Assisted living facilities (ALFs) have become common as a practical eldercare solution for elders who can no longer function totally on their own. As the name implies, seniors in these facilities require "assistance" or care in some of life's daily activities, but do not need the 24 hour care provided in a nursing home. Other names for this service are assisted care living or residential care home. This contrast with an "independent living" facility, which, as that name suggests, allows seniors to live independently in their own homes. Arizona Assisted living homes encompass many types of facilities. The most common are large buildings or clusters of buildings where each resident or resident couple has their own apartment or room, usually with a bathroom and sometimes with a small kitchen or living area. A common dining hall is usually provided for some or all meals. The dining room, along with other common living spaces, allow for socialization. Health aides are on staff 24/7 to provide assistance in dressing, eating, toileting, bathing etc. as needed. Supervision or administration of medications is usually provided. Many assisted living facilities have Alzheimers sections, where people afflicted with that disease can receive a higher level of care.

A nursing home is technically an assisted living facility, but residents tend to be in private or shared rooms rather than separate apartments. Skilled nursing care is a feature here, since the residents tend to have serious health or mental issues and limited independent function.

CCRCs (Continuing Care Residential Communities) are a high end version of assisted living facilities. They offer a continuum of options from independent living to assisted living to skilled nursing care. Typically there are significant entrance and monthly fees. The advantage of a CCRC is the assurance that the resident will not have to leave the facility as their needs change. They can enter as healthy, functional seniors and, since all levels of care are available, they will not have to move again as their health needs change in the future. This contrasts with most independent living and most assisted living facilities, where the resident must move to a nursing home if they lose too much independent functioning ability.

Some of the top Assisted Living Facilities.

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Scottsdale Nursing Homes

Scottsdale Nursing Homes